Tuesday, October 25, 2011

cement backyard

i guess it is not a secret i love cement. i have these chairs in black wrapped up waiting for my own backyard someday.


  1. i share the same sentiment about cement. there's something about it...
    great chairs- i'd like a set in black, myself. :)

  2. i meant to add, are your black chairs wicker? these white ones appear to be. i like idea of combining woven material with chrome- very pleasing mix.

  3. hi stephanie, yes they wicker , but mine have a black metal base, i got them at ikea about three years ago. i would take a picture of them for you but we wrapped them and put them away , i have a cat and i know wicker would make him very happy...

  4. cats and wicker...! ;)
    ok, thanks for that info. i have a new ikea catalog, will look to see what's available.