Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Charlotta ward

I feel very honored by the kind and supportive words of Charlotta Ward on her blog is a privileged to get to know you and share our creative finds...........


  1. Oh you really didn't have to do that.. but of course I am smiling from ear to ear..! xx

    I really do love your work and am so glad to be able to share your talent with my readers. I hope you get a lot of feedback from it.

    P.S. My name is Charlotta Ward.. not Charrotta Wand.. though that sounds a whole lot more exotic for sure.. :)

  2. Charlotta, sorry for the misspell on your name ,all better now:-)

  3. Hello traveller, you blog is wonderful . do all people from norway have great taste? i see so much from norway that i like.